What is an API?

First of all, before we get to playing with an API, what are they?
AN application programming interface (API) is a piece of software which enables computers to speak to one another. One application will make a request for some information to another application. If the receiving application understands the request then it will send the data back to the source application.

Finished Website using the Chuck Norris Jokes API

Chuck Norris Jokes Webpage.
Have a few chuckles at some of the jokes which are on the Chuck Norris API

URL : Chuck Norris Jokes (Opens in New Tab)

This is the finished website, the website is built using PHP, HTML, SCSS and JavaScript. The website makes calls to the Chuck Norris API which returns jokes related to, you guessed it, Chuck Norris.

Why have I made this?

I have been learning to work with APIs so that I can develop my skills and a web developer to offer a wider range of services. Learning to work with APIs has helped me develop certain techniques for gathering data from external sources and displaying it on a website dynamically.

Choosing to work with an API which returns jokes about Chuck Norris is a bit of light hearted fun in the web development world. I have really enjoyed reading some of the amusing jokes which are delivered by the API.