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Movie Club Nights is myself and John Leather. We have worked together as DJs for well over 10 years now and have recently been playing various festivals across the UK. The idea of Movie Club Nights is to play the best music from Movie Soundtracks. We currently have a Tarantino Disco and an 80’s Movie Disco which we play at gigs.

As we have started to get more bookings for festivals we decided that we needed a website to advertise our shows and showcase the concept.

The website would have a blog, showcase our mixes and our upcoming events. Due to the need for a blog we chose to use WordPress for the CMS, mainly because I have been building lots of websites with WordPress and John has experience in using WordPress also.

I carried out the following tasks to get the website online:

  • WordPress Install
  • Genesis Theme Setup and Design.
  • Page Setup & Design
  • HTML & CSS editing.
  • Media Creation
  • Content Creation

I designed a simple logo which can be used on all our social media platforms and any promotional material we create.

I have also created media for the website for the featured images of the website and also the different mixes which we have created. Click on the image to find out more about our Tarantino Disco mixes which we have recorded.

We also have mixes which feature music from 80’s Movie Soundtracks. The Mix is an hour long and is a fast paced trip through some of the most famous 80s Movie Soundtracks. The films are grouped together in short sections featuring some of our favourite songs.

I also create a lot of the content for the website and keep the Blog updated. We are looking forward to another summer of festivals and are so far booked for Kendal Calling and Bluedot Festival.Check out the website here:

URL: Movie Club Nights