Who are we?

We are a web design company from Westhoughton and like to work with businesses in the Greater Manchester area. We like to provide a face to face service where we can assist companies get online and see their businesses grow!

We offer a range of website design and development services, if you would like to find out more information then please get in touch.

What we offer.

There are lots of different styles of website design and development tools available. We offer a range of services which meet different needs of clients. Every business will have different needs to showcase their products and services.

Content Management: We love to create content and websites at the same time, we can create the content and website for your business.

Fully Responsive Website Design: Mobile compatibility is crucial, so we make sure all our websites use responsive design techniques.

E-Commerce: Would you love to sell your products online? We can build you a WooCommerce website where you can display and sell your products securely.

Bespoke Website Design: Every business is different so why would you want a website theme which many other websites already use. We will build you a bespoke website which is unique to your business.

Web Hosting & Management: If you would like a stress free setup then we can manage your hosting and URL. We will make sure your website URL is protected and your website is free of any issues.

Website Optimisation: Our Search Engine Optimisation packages will help keep your website optimised and appearing at the top of the search results. Find out more information on our SEO Services.

Some of the key services which we can offer you are:

  • Website Designer: We can create an initial mockup design which can show how the website may look and where the key features should be displayed on the page. We will design colour schemes which fit your branding and look at what media will need to be gathered or created.
  • Website Developer: We can translate a web design idea into the different component and code the website design into a working framework. We translate the design into code which web clients can read and display your content.
  • User Exerperience Developer: Also known as a UX developer, we will make sure the website is user-friendly and that the site works on different devices and is accessble for all users.

Why does Web Design matter?

First impressions are everything online and if your website appears old or broken then that is exactly what potential visitors will think. If it looks like you don’t care about your appearance online then why would customers think that you would provide them with your excellent services.

Effective website design can be carried out in many different ways:

  • Clearly presented content which showcases information which the user came to your website to view.
  • Clear Calls to Action (CTA), a call to action is one of the most important parts of any website.
  • Responsive Design which displays your website clearly on any device: desktop, laptop, tablets and mobiles.
  • Quality content which engages your visitors.
  • Consistent styling and brand awareness.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design | Bee Design Studio.

Responsive website design is crucial now more than ever, the majority of the public now use their mobiles to access websites so your website needs to work for them. All our website designs are responsive and can be accessed from mobile, tablet and pc’s.

Web Design Frameworks!

Web development platforms we use.

We design and create websites using many different platforms. We offer WordPress web design, using the Genesis framework which is SEO friendly. We also create websites using full stack development tools. Our cheap website designs are made using Foundation or Bootstrap.

User Experience (UX)

Visitors to your website should be able to be able to easily navigate and find the information they require. Use of negative space and images is helpful to show potential customers what your business offer to them

Content Management Systems (CMS)

We can set you up with a Blog so that you can tell the world about your business on your website. We will design the website and set the CMS system up so you can log in and add your content easily. We are experienced with WordPress and Craft 3, but if you require a specific CMS then we work with you to achieve your goals.

Get in touch.

If you like what you see in our portfolio then get in touch for a free consultation. We have very resonable packages and prices available for all levels of businesses. From start-ups to already established businesses who require a website design update.